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Lens Index

Determines the lens thickness






The HIGHER the INDEX levels of a lens, the THINNER the lens and therefore also more pleasing aesthetically.

Still wonder how to choose your lens index?


Do not understand what is index? Its crucial to get the right index which suites you and spend wisely.

The higher the index, the thinner the lens.

For plastic lens, lowest iindex is 1.50, highest will be 1.74




1.60=ultra thin

1.67=super ultra thin

1.74=thin supreme


So, what index should you choose?

If you are a more aesthetically focused person, you can buy 1.67 even for low power.

Generally, you will be okay to get 1.56 for SPH:-5:00 and less, provided CYL power is low.


You dont really need 1.60 for power less than SPH:-3.00. But of course, you can always use 1.60 for low power for better aesthetic look


Anything above SPH-5:00, its good to use 1.60 and above.


But for power more than SPH:-8.00 we suggest at least 1.67, better to be 1.74 if you can afford.

Simple tips just for your reference!

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