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High Impact

Ability to take the hard knocks in life

High impact-resistant lenses only qualify after passing two tests.


1) Drop Ball Test:

Testing according to USA FDA Impact resistant regulation 21 CFR 801.410 ranges,

using a steel ball of 16.3g to drop from a height of 127cm and hitting the most fragile

part of the lens, the centre, such that it doesn't break.


2) Minimum Resilience Test:

Testing according to CNS 15067 No. 6.5.1 regulation of heating the lens in a

55 degree Celsius oven for an hour, and then cooling it in a -5 degree Celsius freezer

for an hour before subjecting the centre of the lens to continuous 10-second compression

from a 100N (about 10kg) iron rod, such that it doesn't crack.

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